Avengers Endgame Review; Thanos won’t die, This will be the reason

It feels Marvel has surpassed all predictions to deliver the perfect conclusion to the 22 film Saga. Russo brothers, whom has directed Avengers: Endgame is set in the aftermath of Thanos’ snap, an event which wiped out half of the universe.

Just like the question from Bahubahi franchise ‘Why did Katappa killed Bahubali’? Fans of Avengers EndGame movie egerly waiting for the revenge with Thanos. Avengers Endgame movie is scheduled to be released worldwide on April 26.

This Hollywood film of the famous superhero has made people crazy about it even before its release. The big question is that will all Avengers gets alive and Thanos will die ? Many stories related to this movie have come up and now according to the new theory, Thanos will not die in Avengers Endgame. Let’s know why?

Thanos won’t die, All the avengers will get alive. Read the poofs step-by-step

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Spider-Man Alive

Actually, in the climax of Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ released in 2018, the Thanos wiped out half of the universe including Spider-Man, Bucky, Falcon, Black Panther, Drax, Groot, Wanda, Star Lord, turns into Ashes. While Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow and Thor stay alive. I.e. Spider-Man dies and Iron Man remains alive.

The SpiderMan: Far from Home movie will be released on July 5, while Avengers EndGame is being released on April 26. It is clear that after the endgame movie Spiderman will be alive. Therefore half of the universe which turned into ahses will get alive.

spiderman far from home viral gossip

spiderman far from home – viral gossip

Thanos is immortal

If Spider-Man returns, Thanos will also return. Who affirms that Thanos will not die.

Thanos is from Titan planet and people there live longer. However, it has not been cracked yet that the people there are immortal. But as in the Infinity War, Thanos holds all the infinite beads in his gauntlet, he becomes the most powerful person in the universe. Powers like time, soul also come under his control. This gives him the same amount of immortality.

What will happen in Avengers Endgame ?

If you watch the previous movies of MCU, then there you’ll be able to see many fluctuations. Sometimes a superhero appears weak, sometimes any human being able to defeat the aliens.

Sometimes Hulk is not afraid of anyone. It is for the first time that in Infinity War Hulk can be seen weaker than any other time, which does not appear despite all the efforts. So in EndGame, it is very difficult to say whether the Avengers will beat the Thanos or finish him.

It is very difficult to guess the plot of the film. Even in the film, artists are also said to be their own role so that they can not even know about the whole story while working in the film.

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However it is very important to tell here that in the entertainment world where movies become the message of goodness or spreading love on evil, becoming a superpower and becoming invincible of a bad person is beyond understanding. It should be like Avengers beat the Thanos and the fans of Avengers get a chance to be happy so that they can see their movies in the future too.

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