Jailed Ram Rahim Singh provides Agriculture Tips to farmers, Twitter trend goes up

Rape and murder accoused Gurmeet ram rahim Singh Insan provides Agriculture tips to Farmers to improve sub-fertile lands. Twitterati has upgraded it with particular has tag.

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Today a twiiter trend has picked a #hashtag called #AgriTipsByStRamRahim. By using this #hashtag people has srated praising Gurmeet ram rahim Singh Insan for his work towards the farmers of India. He conducted Agriculture fairs to teach farmers about best way to lower the investment cost and to increase the production.

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According to Gurmeet ram rahim, A regular testing of soil & tube well water can help in keeping the soil balanced and fertile. It would let you know what element is lacking in the soil and how it can be accomplished.

Gurmeet ram rahim Singh tips to Farmers

Gurmeet ram rahim Singh has always put his focus on Organic farming because fertilizer sprays are poisonous for humans.

Organic farming is very useful. Although the fertilizer sprays yields more crop but these are poisonous whereas the organic products are healthy for human body..

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Saint Dr Gurmeetramrahim Singh Ji Insan provides tips to improve sub-fertile lands and also to practice organic and dry farming to the farmers of India. You might be known to this that is especially useful in areas with less water.


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