Bengaluru Man hangs 12-year-old son; Daughter filmed the incident on Cellphone video goes viral

A very disturbing incident coming from Bengaluru. A 45-year-old cruel father hanged hanged his own son from ceiling fan, while his daughter filmed the whole incident on her mobile. At present the police has arrested the accused father. Police said that this man also killed his 38-year-old wife. The accused runs a chit fund scheme. He told the police that after facing the huge debt in this scheme, the family had agreed to commit suicide.

Suresh Babu, 43, is a sales executive while his wife Geethbai worked as a house help in a nearby residential locality.

In the video, the Suresh is seen standing on a small table and tying bedsheet on the neck of his 12-year-old son named Varun.With the help of bed-sheet the man is hanging the boy from ceiling fan.

The son also does not have any kind of problem nor he is protesting. The man keeps holding his son till he becomes calm. A woman’s dead body is also seen lying on bed. The woman named Geetha, who is the wife of Suresh and mother of Varun and Riya (Changed named). The 17-year-old daughter of the man is shouting and making the video of this whole incident.


When the daughter told neighbors about her father’s cruelty, then the police was informed of the incident. Police said that they have yet to record the girl’s statement.

A similar horrific incident was came to the light last year in North Delhi, where around 11 people of the same family were hanged from ceiling fan due to superstition in Burari area. Before hanging, the family had also created a video.

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