Black Hole pictures Revealed for the First Time Ever

Hard work of scientists to see the black hole closely has become the shocking and bigger discovery in front of the whole world.

Black Hole pictures Revealed for the First Time Ever by astronomers. This is the first time in human history that you and me can see the real picture of Black Hole.

This object, which can be considered the most powerful object of the Universe has been found.

In its real picture it looks like a dust and gas ball, the outline is visible in the black color around it. It is 87 galaxy and 55m light-years away from our planet Earth.

Black Hole can be seen in the middle of the Galaxy Messier 87 in the pictures. It is 55 million light-years away from Earth. According to the estimate of Horizon Telescope researchers, this black hole is 6 billion times larger than the sun.

Event Horizon Telescope used to take pictures of this Black Hole. This telescope is not a single telescope but it refers 8 radio telescopes. They were installed on 5 continents. It was installed in April 2017 for a week by targeting the same area of ​​space from different places.

Black hole picture telescope

One of the Telescope used to take picture of Black Hole

What is Black Hole ?

A very large mass in a small space in the sky is called Black Hole.

For the first time in Human History all of us can see the real picture of Super-massive Black hole. This is a huge achievement in the field of science.

The announcement of the results of this project, which is called Event Horizon Telescope (EHT), is being done today in the press conference being broadcasted all over the world.

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According to the Law of General Relativity, published by Albert Einstein, the gravitational power of the Black Hole is so high that thing can’t prevent from coming closer to Balck Hole. It ranges from stars to electromagnetic waves. Big or small thing with Visible Light, can not escape from its gravitational power.

How black hole is formed?

Black Hole is formed when the center of a large star itself exhausted. This process is made of Supernova. It is 20 times larger than the sun in terms of power.

Supermassive Black Hole is at least one million times larger than sun. Scientists have noticed that such giant is in the middle of every big galaxy including our own Galaxy Milky Way.

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