Congress election manifesto ‘Jan awaz’; 10 Important Points

Congress election manifesto | Congress Manifesto 2019 | The country’s main opposition party Congress has released its manifesto on Tuesday for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. Congress has given the title of ‘We will work (Hum Nibhayenge)’ for election manifesto.

Congress president Rahul Gandhi released this menifesto on Tuesday 12.45 pm and said that there are 5 main points of the manifesto. This time in the Congress manifesto, the minimum income scheme (NYAY) has been included, under this scheme, the promise of giving Rs. 72000/- per year to the poor women of the family.

Congress election manifesto | 10 Important Points

congress election menifesto 2019

1. Rs. 72000 yearly in the account of 50 million poor families
2. Employment under MNREGA will be increased from 100 days to 150 days
3. By March 2022, 22 million government posts will be filled
4. 10 lakh youth will get employment in village panchayats
5. To bring National Security Advisor under Parliament
6. Will make the GST easier
7. No criminal related action against farmers on non payment of loan
8. 6% of India’s budget will be spent on education sector
9. Different budget (apart from the general budget) for farmers will be presented like rail budget
10. Health services will be improved

Issuing the manifesto, Congress President Rahul Gandhi said that the second theme of the party is employment. Young people are not getting employment in the country.

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Congress will give 22 lakh government jobs to the people by March 2020. Congress will also Provide employment to 10 lakh youths in Gram Panchayat.

Rahul Gandhi said that his government will also increase the employment given under MNREGA and it will increase by 150 days of employment instead of the existing 100 days.

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