Don’t Mess with Squirrels! Images of Squirrel Biting Snake is going Viral

In the battle of squirrels and snakes, the victory is always of snakes. If somebody asks you who would you want to put your money in a fight between squirrels and snakes? The snakes right? But this viral Image could prove you wrong..


A photo on social media is becoming viral, in which a squirrel is seen eating snake. This is not a small snake but a very long snake. The image shows the squirrel is holding a snake using both the paws before it devoured it down to the last inch. However, this photo was shared online by the National Park Service of USA. In its caption, it is said that this is a picture of Guadalupe Mountain National Park.

They wrote while sharing the Photo; ‘Rock squirrels eat mostly plant material, fruits and nuts, but don’t let their humble appearance fool you. They will also eat bird eggs, lizards and snakes’.


In this picture, the squirrel seems to be holding the snake mouth tightly. Around 3 thousand people have shared this photo so far.

In later photos of the scene, the squirrel can be seen biting at the half-devoured snake.Oh Yes, this tiny little cutest creature ate nearly the whole thing.

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Before this image, one more squirrel video got viral, in which the squirrel appeared to eat egg rolls in the tree. This video also became very popular on social media sites.

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