‘Dumbo’ Review : Elephants Never Forget, But Audiences Will

Dumbo, Disney’s first of three live-action remakes due in the next four months. Second one is Aladdin which will hit the theaters in May and the The Lion King in June. Dumbo has been directed by Tim Burton.

Our Rating : 3.5 / 5
Dumbo Casting : Caroline Farrell, Michael Keaton, Alan Arkin, Danny Devito, Eva Green
Director : Tim Burton
Movie Type: : family, Fantasy, Adventure
Duration : 1 hour 52 minutes

dumbo movie review

With the hope of successful remake, Dumbo has tried to win over family audiences, yes- Children of course and continue the Disney’s successful record of reviving famous animated franchises from the successful past. But let me tell you mixed critical reception and dull response could prevent the this film from flying toward the higher public expectations and financial potential.

Box office estimates a domestic opening somewhere between $50-60 million, I tell you, this would be one of the lowest box office bows for a Disney live-action adaptation of a cartoon classic remake movie.

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Directed by Tim Burton, Dumbo was remake of Walt Disney’s animated film with the same name in 1941, in which a large eared elephant (dumbo) born in a circus which can fly.

Dumbo Story

In the film, Max Medici (Danny Devito) is engaged in the exercise of saving his drowning circus. Max’s expectation increases as one of his old circus star Holt Farer (Colin Farrell) returns from the war . Holt trains both the children who are familiar with elephants.

A pregnant elephant (Mrs. Jumbo) gives birth to Jumbo Junior aka Dumbo, everyone’s eyes closed by seing him. Indeed, the ears of the dumbo are larger than the normal, because of which they all make fun of him. In order to protect her child, Mrs. Jumbo makes something that makes him keep away from her child Dumbo.

Dumbo movie review

Here, the giant ears of dumbo becomes advantage for him, with its help, he starts flying in the air. The news of flying elephants spread like fire in the jungle. New York’s sly and cruel circus star VA Vandwier (Michael Keaton), along with his circus Artist Colette Merchant (Eva Green), arrives to add Dumbo to his grand theme park, Dreamland.

To know ahead After that, you will have to move to the theater to know what turns the story takes.

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