Farmer invents Coconut Tree Climbing Bike; Video goes viral

Whenever we think of the farmers doing Coconut Farming in India, first of all, what comes to our mind is that how enormous the coconut tree as to get those coconut on a big tree is is bit difficult.

Many times we have seen that the farmer goes to the coconut tree without any safety measures. This is because he has faith on his strong hands and legs.

Climbing a coconut tree without any security arrangement is a breath-taking thing, but the coconut farmers do not think so much while climbing the tress and moving down.

Farmer invents Coconut Tree Climbing Bike; Video goes viral

However, this farmer in India has found a way to lessen the hardships a tiny amount and make the life of these farmers a little bit easier. The video shared by a Twitter account, Bade Chote is the best thing you will see today.

The Tweet of Bade Chote has a funny caption too; When you want to be a bike racer but become a farmer due to parental pressure.

In this video a farmer is climbing the coconut tree through a conventional method. Yes, instead of traditional method he has adopted the conventional way to climb the tree, he chose to climb through motorcycle device, which is easily accessible.

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Motorcycle device immediately reaches very high altitude. Like a car, it has reverse gear which is also used for landing down. The farmer has good control over this device. On pressing the accelerator, the device which also has a seat for the farmer goes up making it easier to pick the coconuts. And just like we have the reverse gear in our cars, the device also comes down in a controlled motion.

Ain’t you find an innovative idea to get those coconut?

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