Fox Nation Star Tyrus accused of sexual misconduct by Co-Host Britt McHenry

On Tuesday, Media reported about former WWE wrestler Tyrus, who hosted Fox Nation’s “un-PC,” was dismissed after co-host Britt McHenry filed a sexual harassment complaint with Fox News management.

According to some sources it is confirmed that the ex-wrestler sent her multiple unsolicited text messages containing lewd, sexual comments.

Last week, The Daily Beast (News Website) reported that Fox Nation Star Tyrus was kicked off of Un-PC after an unspecified personal dispute with Britt McHenry.

This is to observe that Several weeks ago, former pro-wrestler Tyrus was the co-host of Un-PC, a Fox Nation’s “flagship” program, alongside conservative pundit and ex-ESPN reporter Britt McHenry.

But following Un-PC’s episode, Tyrus mysteriously disappeared.

Tyrus Accused of Sexual Harassment by Britt McHenry

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Sources at Fox News said the Tyrus was removed from the show after a personal dispute with Britt McHenry, who complained to the Fox News Network about her co-host. It is remarkebale that the network subsequently investigated the complaint, but ultimately decided the best course of action was to depart show’s hosts.

Fox Nation Star Tyrus old statment about sexual harassment

Born George Murdoch, Well known as Tyrus previously served as a bodyguard for Snoop Dogg and was a frequent guest on Greg Gutfeld’s Fox News show.

On Gutfeld’s show, Tyrus gave a bold statement that “If you are found guilty of sexual harassment in the workplace… I think you should have to register as a sex offender.”

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