Full Highlights: PM Modi’s non-political interview with Akshay Kumar

NEW DELHI: Bollywood super star Akshay Kumar in a “candid and completely non-political” interview with Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that I Never Get Angry, It Surprises People. Akshay Kumar took to Twitter to announce that his conversation with the prime minister Narendra Modi will be a “breather” in election time.

Further in a interview Modi said – I never thought that I would become a PM, I come from a family background, where if there was any job, mother would give jaggery to the neighbors.

‘In childhood, i used to eat mango direct from trees, later it became a habit of ‘Aam juice’ but now it has to be controlled’

‘I go to office, I work myself, others feel that if he do, then we too should do’.

In response of this tweet, Modi tweeted, “Dear Akshay Kumar, it’s nice to talk to you on every aspect. Hopefully people will enjoy watching our non-political conversation.

Akshay’s question, Modi’s answer

PM Modi's non-political interview with Akshay Kumar

Image Credit: Twitter (PM Modi’s non-political interview with Akshay Kumar)

Akshay: You wanted to be a monk? Wanted to go to the army.
Modi: The war of 1962 inspired me and came to mind that it is a medium for doing something for the country.

Akshay: Does our Prime Minister get angry?
Modi: Anger-happiness is part of this human nature. I stayed Chief Minister for so many days, being prime minister for so many days, I did not get an opportunity to get angry from the peon to chief secretary. I also learn from people and teach them. I would have been angry, but I stopped myself from expressing it.

Akshay: Do you want to stay with your mother?
Modi: If I had come out of the house as a PM, then I would have thought that all family members should live with me. But I left it all at a very young age. But still I had called the mother to delhi. Spent some time with her. But mother used to say, why are you wasting your time?

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Akshay: Your image looks very strict. what are your thought about it?
Modi: My image has been presented incorrectly. If I go to office, I work myself and others feel that if he do this then we should also do it. Many times when I call at 11 o’clock in the night, I juts ask whether the work has been done or not. As far as the humor is concerned. If my father was angry at my family, I lightened the atmosphere within a couple of minutes.

Akshay: How about the relationships with other leaders?
Modi: It was a long time ago I was not even the Chief Minister. Me and Ghulam Nabi Azad were gossiping in friendly manner. Someone asked if you are the RSS worker, how your friendship with Azad ongoing? but Mamta didi sends me a couple of Kurtas with her own choice. Sheikh Hasina sends me special sweets of Bengal.

Akshay: What will you do if you get Aladdin’s lamp?
Modi: I will demand that all the sociologists keep in mind that they stop listening to children’s story of Aladdin. Teach children to work hard.

Akshay: You sleep for only three and a half hours. Why so less?
Modi: Former US President Barack Obama asked me, ‘Why do you do this?’ i responded that even in a short time my sleep gets complete.

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