Funny Memes on Cricket World Cup After Rain Washed Out India-New Zealand match

There was a exiting match on June 13. India v New Zealand But the rain canceled the match. Every half an hour the news came that the cover will be removed soon. Inspection is going to happen. But then it rains. The covers go again. After all, the match was washed away. It Canceled Without a single ball played.

India and New Zealand were awarded one point each. In this Scenario, this match became the third match of the World Cup which was played without any ball due to rain.

The first match was canceled on June 7. Between Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

Both India and New Zealand are currently unbeaten in the World Cup 2019.

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The second match was canceled on June 11. Between Bangladesh and Sri Lanka And the third India Vs New Zealand on June 13. People are throwing all the frustration on social media with Funny Memes on Cricket World Cup After Rain Washed Out India-New Zealand match.

See how –

However, the ICC has come up to defend its decision by saying that, they could not have predicted this extremely unseasonable weather and it is not possible logistically to have reserve days for all the upcoming matches including Semi-Final or Final.

India vs New Zealand World Cup 2019 memes

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pakistani fan meme

Cricket World Cup 2019 match between Pakistan and Australia gave Twitter a meme for all seasons and believe me its hilarious. A disappointed Pakistani man looking over his team is now the star of social media.

Funny Memes on Cricket World Cup

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funny worldcup memes

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World-Cup-rain-Memes 2019

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