Hilarious Matrimonial Ad of 84-year-old Man goes viral

Often you might have seen the wedding advertisements or call it the matrimonial ads in the newspapers. You also get to see the information, people seek or give regarding finding the groom or bride, educational qualification, stature, caste, creed etc. Generally young people or middle aged people seeks for wedding advertisements but what if an 84 year old old man looking for a bride?

Sounds Hilarious but this is fact. In a bizarre case, a matrimonial ad of this 84-year-old man has left the internet in splits.

The man’s matrimonial advertisement brags about how he owns a house worth Rs 3 crore, is a non-smoker, doesn’t drink, has a 5 lakh FD in the bank, is a vegetarian and, the most important thing, his ‘eyes, knees, teeth and ear are working well.’

However, no sooner this became the trending topic on Internet and there has also been mixed reactions on the social media about this advertisement.

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This man’s hilarious advertisement gained both support and humoristic response from people on the internet.

Matrimonial ads have known to play the cupid in many marriages in India or around the world. But this ad is super hilarious and the man seems to be honest and straightforward about his qualities.

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