How To Watch Lunar Eclipse Live Online: Lunar Eclipse 2019 Live Stream

Lunar eclipse 2019 can be witnessed in regions of Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and South America. The eclipsed Moon is completely safe to look at with the naked eyes.

People in India will be able to see the lunar eclipse starting 12:13am IST, July 17.

How To Watch Partial Lunar Eclipse Live Online ?

If you want to see the live moon eclipse, you can go to Nasa’s official website and see. You can go to for this.

You can also watch Moon Eclipse on YouTube below.

The Royal Observatory Greenwich in the UK will live stream the eclipse starting at 10pm BST today (2.30am IST, July 17). Similarly, the Virtual Telescope Project shall also live stream the eclipse from Rome starting at 8:30pm UTC today (2am IST, July 17).

What is a partial lunar eclipse all about?

Partial lunar eclipse, takes place when the shadow of Earth covers only a small part of the Moon and as a result, only a minor section of the Moon appears dark.

Full lunar eclipse happens when the Moon is fully covered by Earth’s shadow, but only a small portion of the moon appears dark due to incomplete overlapping, it is called a partial lunar eclipse.

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