ICC Cricket World Cup 2019: Here’s How team India’s Jersey Evolved Over the Years

The adventure of the World Cup 2019 has reached to its top sky. So far, total 37 cricket matches have been played, while the 38th match is being played on Sunday (Today) between India and England at Birmingham’s Edgbaston ground.

In this match of today, Team India has replaced the its traditional blue jersey against the host England by wearing orange colored jerseys.

As the Cricket World Cup moves into the last stage of group matches, India cricket team have all but confirmed a seat in the semi-finals but England find themselves in a bit of difficulty.

Now let’s come back on Team India’s Jersey. After the change in jersey for some time, you might be thinking how often Team India has changed its jersey in World Cup history.?

India team first world cup jersey of 1992

From 1975 to 1987, World Cup was played in White Dress like Test Cricket, but in the year 1992, it was played in colorful dress. Subsequently, In the the 1992 World Cup Indian players’ jersey was of Indigo Color, which had colorful strips on the shoulders. Apart from this, the name of the team and the name of the player was written in front of the dress.

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India team world cup jersey of 1996

In the 1996 World Cup, the Indian team’s jersey appeared in yellow and sky color combinations. There were yellow collars in this jersey and the white and yellow colored straps were also there.

Team India world cup jersey of 2003

In the 2003 World Cup, Team India’s jersey changed or you can say it was so stylish and good. The thick black strips of both sides of the jersey were made. The brush print of the tricolor had put the life in the dress. Apart from this, a small Indian tricolor was printed on both side of track pants.

In the 2007 World Cup, Team India’s jersey was tried more stylish than ever before. Along with this, black bars were removed from the dress.

2011 World Cup jersey proved lucky for Team India. 28 years later, Finally, India won the World Cup trophy. This time the color of the jersey was between dark and light blue and the tricolor strips were both sides. Apart from this, India text was written with orange color.

In The 2015 World Cup there was no tricolor on the jersey. On the plain blue T-shirt, the name of the sponsor and the team was written in the front. The biggest feature of this jersey was that it was made of recycled plastic bottles.

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