Like Father, Like Son; Aryan Khan Voices Simba in ‘The Lion King’, We wonder is it SRK again?

A new teaser of Hindi version of the Hollywood movie The Lion King has come up, in which the voice of Aryan Khan, son of Shah Rukh Khan, has been heard for the first time. Aryan has given voice to the lead character, Simba, while the voice of Shah Rukh Khan will be heard in the character of Simba’s father Mufasa.

This is for the second time when Shah Rukh and Aryan are working together in any project. Earlier, both have voiced the lead characters in The Incredibles. This film came in 2004 and Aryan was a child at that time.

Shah Rukh has written while sharing teaser – My Simba If you hear Aryan’s voice in this teaser, it will be difficult to distinguish whether Shahrukh is speaking or Aryan. Aryan in the teaser narrates while speaking – I am Simba, son of Mufassa. Aryan’s voice is very similar to his father.

Shah Rukh Khan had earlier told that this film is association with Aryan Khan, “As a father, I keep a complete attachment to Mufassa and also from that relationship, which he shares with Simba. The Lion King legacy is timeless and it is special for me to present it with son Aryan. We are more enthusiastic about the fact that Abram will see it,” reiterates Sharukh Khan.

The Lion King directed by Jon Favero is being released on July 19 in Hindi, English, Tamil and Telugu languages.

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