Man kisses Congress MP Rahul Gandhi during his Kerala Visit; Video goes viral!

Former Congress President who is also an MP of Wayanand, Kerala, is on tour. Rahul Gandhi visited relief camps in his parliamentary constituency Wayanad for the second time this month. Large scale destruction has occurred in this region due to rain and landslides. During this time, his car stopped to meet people. People started shaking hands with him. Then a young man came and kissed them. This video is becoming quite viral on social media.

ANI has shared this video, which is becoming viral. In the video, It can be seen that his car stopped greeting Wayanad people and people reached to meet Rahul Gandhi. Rahul Gandhi who was in the car was kissed by a person.

Rahul Gandhi has come to Wayanad on a four-day tour. Gandhi distributed relief material to the people in the camps of Chungam and Vallad and listened to their problems.

video: Man kisses Rahul Gandhi on cheek in Wayanad

Congress MP will visit relief camps in Kozhikode and Mallapur assembly constituencies on August 29 and 30. Both the assembly constituencies come under the Wayanad parliamentary constituency. Gandhi also came to his parliamentary constituency earlier this month. Many landslides occurred in Wayanad and Mallapuram districts due to heavy rains and floods. About 125 people died due to heavy rains and landslides.

Man kisses Congress MP Rahul Gandhi -viralgossip

This is not the first time this has happened to Rahul Gandhi. In February this year, when Rahul Gandhi was on a tour of Gujarat, an elderly woman went on stage to garland Rahul Gandhi. He first kissed Rahul Gandhi on the cheek and wore a Gandhi garland. In 2014, when Rahul Gandhi reached Jorhat in Assam for campaigning, a woman kissed him on the cheek. This video also became quite viral on social media.

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