Mumbai cop rescues dog during heavy rains; This Heartwarming video goes viral!

The Monsoon in Mumbai has given a major relief to the MumbaiKars from the scorching heat but has affected badly the public life. Many problems are being faced due to inundation of water logging, traffic jams, floods. Many flights and trains has been rescheduled which has created havoc.

In such situation, the Chief Minister’s Office has announced a two-day holiday and has asked people to stay inside the houses. Even Navy’s help is being taken for relief and rescue. Meanwhile , a heartwarming video is being going viral in which a police officer is seen saving a dog in floods.

The state police recently uploaded a video of a policeman saving a pooch from drowning, on their twitter handle.

In the video, a dog is swimming its way to a police official, standing on an elevated area. As the pup reaches the spot, the policeman pulls him out of the water. This tweet has been re-tweeted for more than 3500 times within a day and has received more than 17700 likes . “Man’s best friend, found its best friend in PC Prakash Pawar too. #FriendsIndeed,” the post read.

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However, People have also appreciated the cop’s gesture and showered comments on the post. Check out what they tweeted:

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