Pakistani News Presenter Misinterprets ‘Abhinandan’ as Wing commander Abhinandan, Video Goes Viral

A video of a Pakistani news presenter is going viral in which is seen misinterpreting about Abhinandan (the Congratulations) as Wing Commander pilot Abhinandan Varthaman, who held captive in Pakistan post Balakot air strike.

It was Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) led NDA meet where Prime Minister Narendra Modi was addressing NDA led 353 MPs at the Central Hall of Parliament on Saturday. However, while addressing a particular word, specifically Abhinandan was taken out of context from his speech. In his speech Modi said Every member of Bhartiya Janta Party deserves to be congratulated. (Bhartiya Janta Party Ka Pratyek saathi Koti Koti Abhinandan ka aabhaari hai).

However, the Pakistani anchor from the television channel ARY News, in his anchoring was seen to be confused. The clip, which has now gone viral showcases the anchor talking about Modi’s speech and how, even after winning the elections, the PM has not forgotten about IAF Pilot Abhinandan.

Pak anchor says Abhinandan in PM Modi’s speech is IAF hero

This goof up video was shared on Twitter by one of the user, pointing out the differences in the meaning and the implication of these two words.

And as expected, no sooner the video clip got viral on social media and soon netizens started trolling the News channel and its anchor. The netizens started explaining the difference between congratulations and a name.

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The Internet had lot of ‘Helpful’ supporters too.

Pak anchor says abhinandan in PM Modi's speech is IAF hero

Pak anchor says abhinandan in PM Modi’s speech is IAF hero

Well, videos getting trolled is not new to us but a video which showcases a merely no difference between a name and greet is actually hilarious!

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