PM Modi Biopic Stopped By Election Commission Till End Of Loksabha Elections

The Election Commission has taken a major decision regarding Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s biopic film ‘PM Narendra Modi’.

Election Commission has banned Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s biopic “PM Narendra Modi” till the Lok Sabha elections 2019.

The Election Commission said that till the Lok Sabha elections don’t get complete, the film will remain banned. Earlier, the Supreme Court had dismissed the petition seeking the ban on the release of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s biopic ‘PM Narendra Modi’ on Tuesday. The court had said that the appropriate institution to solve the petitioner’s concern is the Election Commission, because it is a constitutional body.

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After this, the team of PM Narendra Modi (Prime Minister Narendra Modi) on Tuesday thanked the judiciary for rejecting the petition demanding a ban on the release of the film by the Supreme Court.

According to court, the Election Commission should decide whether a particular political party does not lean or benefit from it during the election of the upcoming Lok Sabha Elections (Lok Sabha Elections 2019). Actor Vivek Oberoi, who played PM Modi in the film, praised the stand of the Supreme Court.

What is the issue with PM Modi Biopic?

pm modi biopic

Earlier also, news was that the Election Commission is unlikely to stop the release of the biopic film made on the life of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the issue can be left out at the CBFC’s discretion. Opposition parties including Congress claimed that the film will give clear advantage to the BJP in the election and its release should be postponed till the end of the election. The seven-phase Lok Sabha elections are scheduled to begin from April 11 and end on May 19.

You might be aware that On March 10, the Model Code of Conduct was implemented with the announcement of the election schedule. There is an opinion in the Commission that the Central Board of Film Certification Board has the competent authority to decide on the matter. The film ‘PM Narendra Modi’ was scheduled to be released on April 5 a week before the first phase of voting.

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