PM Narendra Modi | Official Trailer Review | Vivek Oberoi | 5 Things that will lead this film to flop

Wait for a Biopic on Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi has finally come to en end. Biopic trailer created on PM Modi has recently been released, which shows a glimpse of PM Modi’s life.

Trailer of Vivek Oberoi starrer movie as PM Narendra Modi has been published in front of the audience. This film can be shrouded within Narendra Modi’s life. Vivek Oberoi looks fantastic but little unreal in the trailer. Some people on twitter has declared it Comedy of the 2019. But let’s see what exactly whole movie will show?

PM Narendra Modi | Official Trailer Review

In the trailer, all the important aspects of PM Narendra Modi’s life are shown. All issues such as the Gujarat riots, entry into politics, journey to be a sannyasin, Ram Mandir controversy have been given place.

The audience was waiting for this trailer for a long time. But the trailer does not seem to have stood on their expectations. Vivek Oberoi does not appear to judge PM Modi’s character from any angle.

One user wrote: PM Modi is a better actor than Vivek.

One wrote – Seeing the trailer, Doordarshan’s low budget telefilms were remembered.

People are not engaging with the trailer and telling it the best comedy of 2019. Vivek’s dialogue delivery and looks ​​do not match with PM Modi at all. Vivek’s performance does not appear to be breathtaking.

pm modi biopic vivek oberoi

Let me tell you, that the film was about to be released on April 12, but the producers decided to release it on April 5, after prepping it on its release date. Describing this, filmmaker Sandeep Singh had said that there is lot of enthusiasm in the audience about the this particular film. To encase it we all have decided that the film will be released a week earlier. The special thing is that, in this film Vivek Oberoi will be seen in nine different incarnations.

Movie could have released much erlier but After the demise of Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar, it was further extended ahead of its launch date.

Watch: PM Narendra Modi | Official Trailer

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