Saaho Movie Review; Prabhas and Shraddha Kapoor’s ‘Saaho’ is the only act of action

Much awaited movie of Prabhas and Shraddha starrer Saaho has been released and it is much more of Action.

  • Rating: 2.5 / 5 stars
  • Artists: Prabhas, Shraddha Kapoor, Chunky Pandey, Neil Nitin Mukesh and Jackie Shroff
  • Director: Sujeet

Baahubali (Prabhas) has come again to break all box office records, last time he was seen doing action in traditional style, but this time he is seen in modern style.Saaho is much more of action pack movie. Saaho could stop your breathe in every scene just like ant other hollywood movie.. Overall, ‘Saaho’ is the perfect spice for action lovers, but for those who want a story, the film definitely brings disappointment, as the director has tried to create grand action on a very simple story.

The story of ‘Saaho’ is all about a person stole two thousand crores and after that there is an affair of black box. Amidst the theft, and the scene of violence, everyone remembers undercover police officer Prabhas. With the entry of Prabhas, a storm of action comes. But as soon as Shraddha Kapoor’s entry in ‘Saaho’ comes, the speed is controlled. Slowly and steadily in between the action, the romance starts developing between the two duo. Infact in one the scene you’ll see Prabhas saying ‘Violence has become too much’ lets talk of romance.

Still from movie

But this romance only becomes a headache in ‘Saaho’. In the film’s story, a lot of villains and needless twists seem to irritate audience. Only Prabhas’s action remains in the film. Overall, Sujit has tried to make Baahubali, but the story is totally weak.

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Talking about acting in ‘Saaho’, Prabhas actiing seems to be normal. He has a style of speaking slowly, which accumulates in many places and also kills in many places. But the action seems unmatched. His stature and style make the action very much. Overall, his on-screen presence is good. A dialogue of Saho is very amazing, ‘All are Tendulkar in street cricket, the real talent is the one who can hit a Sixer outside the ground.’ Of course in terms of action, they have managed to hit Sixer. The second actor in the film who catches attention is Chunky Pandey. Chunky Pandey has won hearts with his acting. Shraddha Kapoor’s character is very poorly written.

Talking about the music of the movie, the music is good.Talking of direction, Sujit has shown that Hollywood style action can be composed in India. The cinematography and graphics of the film are amazing. Direction is also fine, but the weak story spoils the whole flavor. There is nothing new in the story, and an attempt has been made to cram things. Overall, ‘Saaho’ is a marvel of action and graphics, which is a must watch for Prabhas and action lovers. .

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