Satta bazar predictions on Exit Poll of Lok Sabha Election 2019

The world’s largest democratic country is now at the peak of the Lok Sabha election. On May 19, with the voting of 59 seats in 8 states, today at 5 pm on Sunday, the election for 542 seats of the Lok Sabha will be closed. After this, the fate of the country’s politics will be clear only after counting of votes which will start on the morning of May 23.

Along with people all the political parties, leaders have started thinking whose government will be formed in Delhi?

Already, Active Satta Bazar will get more clarity from the results of exit polls of news channels that come after voting this evening. In the current sports betting, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) seems to be leading in it, but its graphs are being claimed in the decline.

The Lok Sabha Elections 2019, which lasted more than two months, has reached its climax. As soon as the seventh and last phase of polling is completed, the discussion of the government’s equations will get a boost. However, the Active Satta Bazar will get more clarity from the results of exit polls of news channels coming after this evening.

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After completing the fifth phase of polling on May 6, the news agency, IANS, conducted a survey based on the information received from the country’s leading speculators (Satta Bazar). From these figures, the BJP-led NDA came back from the required number of seats to make the government, whereas the UPA is also not in very good position.

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In the speculative market, the Samajwadi Party-Bahujan Samaj Party and RLD Maha coalition (Maha-Gathbandhan), DMK, Trinamool Congress, YSR Congress and the Telangana Rashtra Samithi were shown in good condition.

BJP Performance in West Bengal

In the streets of the speculative market (Satta Bazar), there is more hope of damage to BJP in UP, whereas in the Bengal, betting on BJP’s growth has been bettered. In Bengal, betting on a much better result than the last elections for the BJP is being made. Also, in Odisha, BJP is expected to benefit.

However, there is little concern for the NDA over the absolute majority. The speculative market is accepting NDA’s largest alliance, but this figure is being seen only near the absolute majority. Even after the announcement of election dates on March 10, the NDA was also crossing the full majority figure in speculative market estimates.

There is a possibility of a major change after the arrival of the exit poll today.

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