The terror of bull in Gujarat, who rams into passer-by; Watch this Viral Video

The Bull is considered to be the most dangerous which one goes mad, leaves nobody. Bull generally appears to be quiet calm, but once they become mad, creates havoc in the others life. A video is going viral on social media, in which a bull can be seen ramming into a passer-by, injured him badly.

The whole incident was recorded on CCTV, which no sooner became viral. In this video, it is clearly seen that a bull is ramming into a passer-by, taking him down from the cycle and then waiting for the next passer-by. And he does the same thing with the next person.

bull attacks pedestrian

The bull violently attacked atleast two men in a similar manner in Rajkot. However, later the bull was shifted to cowshed.

ANI shared this video. which is becoming quite viral. This video has received more than 10 thousand views, 360 likes and 131 re-tweets till we are writing this story.

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