This bold image of Malaika Arora on Instagram is going viral, gets trolled

There is no denying that Malaika Arora is one of the hottest Bollywood celeb, and even after remaining away from the Bollywood movies she remains in the Limelight. She always love to flaunt her fabulous figure.

Malaika Arora, who remains active on social media, is once again in the limelight these days. This time, Malaika Arora has been trolled for an image which she has kept on her instagram. In this photo, which is going viral, Malaika Arora is showing her armpit. as soon as the picture goes viral people started trolling her for her dark armpits. Some said she should have waxed before photo shoot, while some found it disgusting.

This bold image of Malaika Arora on Instagram is going viral, gets trolled

In this Black and White Photo of Malaika Arora, she has not used any captions. Instead she has used only hashtag BTS #bts. Malaika looks quite hot in a special kind of dress. After seeing this picture people started commenting about her under arm.

A user wrote that Malaika Arora forgot to wax, someone wrote that she badly needs to shave her underarms. There were also some people who considered this photo of Malaika Arora as inspiring one. They say that when men can share their pictures without shaving, why not women?

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Malaika Arora isn’t first celebrity who showed armpit

This is not the first time when an actress has shared her picture with Armpits hair. Earlier, Priyanka Chopra has also shared her picture in this way.

riyanka Chopra was printed on the cover page of the magazine

Actually picture of Priyanka Chopra was printed on the cover page of the magazine. In this picture, the use of Photoshop was shown on Priyanka’s armpit.

Erlier to this people have also seen Madonna’s daughter Lourdes follows in her mother’s footsteps by proudly showing off her underarm hair below in the picture.

Madonna daughter Lourdes showing off her underarm hair

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