Vayu coming at speed of 165 KMph, Gujarat braces for impact; Threat to most of Western Parts

Recently, the Eastern parts of India faced the Cyclone Fani, that disturbed the life of people residing in eastern side. Almost few months after Fani, the Western parts of India is all set to face Cyclone Vayu, that is raging its way towards Gujarat Coastline on 13th June. The cyclone ‘Vayu’ takes place due to the low pressure of air in the Arabian Sea, and is moving from Maharashtra to Gujarat.

In Gujarat the Cyclone Vayu is expected to come at the speed of 140-150 kmph and can hit hourly at the maximum speed of 165.In order to avoid any incidence or untoward, Indian Army, NDRF have been deployed.

According to the official tweet of the Meteorological Department, the cyclonic storm ‘Vayu’ has taken a very serious way in the last 6 hours towards the Eastern Arabian Sea.

vayu impact in india

Cyclone Vayu impact in India

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Before Gujarat, the impact of cyclone Vayu was witnessed in coastal areas of Maharashtra. A tree was crumbled due to strong winds in Mumbai this morning. A bike came under the tree. At the same time, the Deputy Director General of the Mumbai Meteorological Department has said that due to the cyclone, there will be strong winds in the coast of North Maharashtra.

uprooted-tree VAYU VIDEO Video News

Impact of Vayu

The highest impact of cyclone Vayu will be witnessed in Veravel, Porbandar, Junagadh, Diu, Amreli, Bhavnagar, Dwarka and Kutch.

What are the security arrangements of the Gujarat government?

Gujarat Government has made plan for the next 30 hours. The Cyclone can collide between Gujarat’s Porbandar to Mahua and in between Veraval. Fishermen of Saurashtra and Kutch have been asked to not go to the sea. The Gujarat government has ordered all district administration officials not to leave the center.

In many areas, the order to close the school for two days has been issued.

People living in coastal areas are being evacuated at safer place. Not only this, animals have also been evacuated safely. In the Gir, 13 lions have been tracked and taken to safer places.

Western Railway has issued a notification informing measures taken in view of Cyclone Vayu. A number of passenger trains to various stations have been cancelled while special trains have been arranged.

Passenger and goods’ trains to Veraval, Okha, Porbandar, Bhavnagar, Bhuj and Gandhidham have been cancelled between 6 pm on Wednesday and morning of Friday.

In Gujarat, NDRF has already deployed 39 teams. There are about 45 employees in every team. The rescue team has been equipped with boats, telecommunications equipment etc.

24-hour control room at Western Railway HQ. All offices under Western Railway to closely coordinate with state authorities.

The cyclone which is around 340 km south of Gujarat’s Veraval coast been named by India as “Vayu”. Vayu means wind in Hindi.

vayu impact on gujarat

History of Cyclones in Gujarat

However, this is not for the first time where Gujarat will face the Cyclone, in the year 1998, Gujarat faced severe Cyclone. The 1998 Gujarat Cyclone was a deadly tropical one that killed at least 10,000 people in India. The cyclone badly affected the Gujarat border nearby.

India’s help to China

10 Chinese vessels seek shelter at the Ratnagiri port (in Maharashtra) to avoid being hit by the fury of Cyclone Vayu. On humanitarian grounds, Indian Coast Guard allows them to stay there under security cordon. This information was given by KR Suresh, Coast Guard IG.

Earlier, the Cyclone Fani took place in Odisha, which had destroyed a lot. However, due to the preceding preparations of the government of Odisha and the central government the loss was greatly reduced.

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