Video claiming conspiracy by BJP to change EVMs goes Viral

“All eyes of the India are now set on Tomorrow (May 23) when the results of the Lok Sabha Elections 2019 will be declared and let the public know the ball is actually on whose court.

Meanwhile, the predication game, the Satta Bazar and much more related to elections has driven social media crazy, especially after Exit Polls where one could see the NDA retaining to the power again with the huge number of seats.

Amid the floods of the posts, a sensational video is going viral on Social media claiming Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP)’s conspiracy to change the EVMs which is placed in strong rooms inorder to win the elections maliciously.

What is this Viral Video all about?

In the video which is released by Tricolour News Network (TNN) website, a female news presenter is seen claiming about uncensored, authentic and genuine information about EVMs.

The video presenter has alleged that EVMs are being transported without any security.

Soon after this news, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), TMC and others political parties has raised question over EVM security in strong room to the Election Commissioner’s office. However, this video is proved to be the fake one.
Not only this video, but many videos related to EVM tampering is going viral.

Video claiming conspiracy by BJP in evm machine

Screenshot from Claimed EVM hacking video

The most circulated videos among all is the video from Chandauli, UP where a group of men see unloading EVMs from a vehicle and stacking them up inside a shop.

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Similar videos have surfaced from Ghaziabad, Jhansi and Punjab and Bihar too.

Tampering with EVMs, true or false?

After the much uproar of the videos created on Social Media sites, the election commission has clarified that EVMs are sealed in the strong room and is under security. The EC has however, failed to address how EVMs were transported in violation of the rules.

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