Vijay Mallya faces humiliation, crowds chant ‘Chor Hai’ After India-Australia Match

Fugitive liquor businessman Vijay Mallya reached the Oval ground in London to see the cricket match played between India and Australia, but he was embarrassed being in Oval.

When Mallya was stepping out of the stadium, people started shouting ‘see the thief ..thief’ (Wo dekh Chor Hai) by seeing Mallya. After this he reacted with the words that I am making sure that my mother doesn’t get hurt. Indeed, during this time his mother Lalita was also with him, when the crowd surrounded him and shouted slogans ‘Chor Hai, Chor Hai’. One of its videos is also becoming viral on social media.

Watch: Vijay Mallya faces humiliation

Vijay Mallya said, “I just came to watch the match. I just want to make sure that my mother does not suffer any harm. ‘On the question of extradition, Mallya said, “The court is preparing for the next hearing, which will be in July.”

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Even after facing such humiliation, Vijay Mallya posted a picture on Twitter with his son Siddharth and congratulated the Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli and his team. He tweeted that, “Great to watch cricket with my son and even sweeter to see India’s emphatic victory over Australia. Congratulations to ⁦@imVkohli⁩ and his team”

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Vijay Mallya with his son Siddharth Mallya

However, this is not for he first time that Mallya reached the stadium to watch the match . Earlier, he had was seen during Test match played between India and England in September last year. During this time as well people were seen chanting Mallya Chor Hai.

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