VIRAL ALERT: This Video of ‘Dog Tutor’ keeping watch on owner’s daughter will make your day!

It is said that the dog is Man’s best friend. He understands feelings, love, emotions, pain and provides human being with affection. If he finds shelter in a person’s house as a pet, then he does not forget to lend his debt with loyalty. In the worst of times, he will never leave the house of his boss, unlike humans, he takes care as the security of every member of the house.

Many videos of dogs love and loyalty are also going viral on social media. One such video is going viral which showcases the loyalty of this Dog. In this video, pet dog is seen working as a security guard for the owner’s daughter, whether she is doing homework or not.

Owner trained Dog to make sure daughter does homework

A case has emerged from China, in which the pet dog has been deployed to monitor the studies of a girl. He keeps a watch on the child until she does her homework properly. Xiang Liang, who lives in China’s Ghezō province, has given training to his dog Fantonton in order to keep his eyes on until he completes his homework.

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In the video it is clearly seen that the dog is continuously keeping his eyes on Liang’s daughter when she is doing her homework. However, the dog is being trained to stand with its front legs on the table while the girl is doing her homework in order to stop her procrastinating with her phone.

Isn’t this video made your day too?

Dog Tutor

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