Viral Video: Female Cop save two week old baby’s life from Choking, Netizens call her a Hero!

For the past few days, the video of a female police officer on the internet has been viral, which has given a two-week-old baby a new life thanks to her Timely action and prudence. According to the news, the child was suffocating and could not breathe. In that case, the woman police officer saved her life by giving the child first aid.

As the video of the incidents going viral, the female officer became an Internet sensation overnight.

A video shared by Danville VA police department shows officer Melissa Carey performing the Heimlich maneuver on the infant, who was later identified as Lucas Barreiro.

The incident took place while Kerry was having lunch at a restaurant, a female waiter came to ask for help for a two-week-old baby who was suffocating. In the video footage, it is seen that Kerry immediately reaches the child and gives him first aid. The child soon begins to breathe again in the officer’s arms.

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Female Cop Melissa Carey save two week old baby’s life from Choking

Police department also shared photos of officer and child. Later, the child’s mother said that if police officer Kerry was not been there at that time, her child would not be alive today.

As soon as the video of the incident was shared on social media, it went viral and people made the police officer a hero.

However, we would say that we should all be aware of such first aid so that we can help someone in times of need. Lucas Barreiro, Heimlich maneuver, Melissa Carey, Viral Video, Female Cop save two week old baby

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