Viral Video: Man falls in gap between platform and train, survives

A breath taking video of Man is going viral in which he is seen falling in between platform and train but with gods grace survived.

On Tuesday, when the train was slowly departed from the platform of Jharsuguda station in Odisha, a man identified as Rajesh Talwar attempts to jump on board but his foot slipped and he fell in the gap between the platform and train.

Although he survived during this incident. The whole incident was captured in the CCTV camera.

Watch: Viral Video;Man falls in gap between platform and train

Talking about the whole incident, Rajesh Talwar, who was travelling from Hawra to Sambhalpur stepped out of train to buy a cup of tea. As the train started to move, Talwar attempting to board, slipped through the gap between the platform and the train and fell on the track.

In the video that is going viral like storm, Rajesh is seem dragged for a few metres after he fell on the tracks. Luckily, he survived miraculously. The train was halted immediately and railway security personnel deployed at station rushed and rescued Talwar.

However, even after this horrific incident, Talwar boarded the same train which left for its destination.

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