Viral Video: Mom prank sons with fake severed fingers; Netizens impressed!

You’ll see many prank videos on internet today that gets attention more on social media than any other place. Indeed, these videos are loved and shared a lot! Similarly, a prank is going rounds on social media in which a mother of two is playing prank with her fake severed fingers and the sons are panicking and screaming.

In the video, the mother is seen “prepping” her fake severed finger, by cutting a carrot-shaped like her finger. The moment the mother showed her chopped finger sons are crying and seeing the blood they got so nervous they are screaming and panicking!

Mom prank sons with fake severed fingers; Netizens impressed!

The mother is seen prepping her fake severed finger by cutting a carrot shaped like her finger the next she dizzles in a red liquid to make it look like a blood. Her sons came for rescue and have no idea what to do! When mother screams call for help her sons are screaming and crying too, after a moment they realized that they are on camera.

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The Video ends with mother laughing calling it as prank and the sons, a frustrated but relieved that thei mother is okay.The video is gaining lot of attention and is quite becoming popular on social media. The video has received over 3 lakh views on Twitter so far. More than 6 thousand likes and 2 thousand people have commented. People find the mother’s reaction very fun.

Here are some of the reactions to the video:

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