Viral Video: Pakistan Leader beats Journalist during LIVE show

A news channel studio in Pakistan was transformed into war room when a leader of the ruling party PTI beats a senior journalist who was one of the panelist.

The incident happened during live news show. The video of the incident has become viral on social media.

It all began when a news show called The ‘News Line with Aftab Mughheri’ on ‘K 21 News’ was going on. The Panel of the show included Masirra Ali Sial of the ruling PTI and Imtiaz Khan, chief of the Karachi Press Club. There was a debate going between the two duo and suddenly the debate turned into a war between the leader and the journalist.

In the video, the two were first seen arguing verbally before Siyal got up and attacked Khan, president of the Karachi Press Club. Siyal was captured on camera first pushing Khan to the ground, and then punching and slapping him. The two were separated by other guests on the show and crew members.

Amusingly, soon after the fight, Siyal took his sat on the panel again and a few minutes later, the Karachi Press Club, president came back to the studio and taping of the show resumed like nothing had happened in the show.

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However, no sooner the video invited the criticisms a lot on social media.

Pakistani journalist Nayana Inayat shared this video of this debate show on Twitter and took a dig on Imran Khan’s new Pakistan claim. She tweeted that “Is this the new Pakistan? Masihar Ali Sial of PTI, attacked Imtiaz Khan, the president of Karachi Press Club, during a live news show”.

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