Viral Video: This American guy speaking fluent Telegu taking Internet by storm!

Social Media is such a strong platform when it comes to showcase your talent, It’s actually just a matter of click. All you need is a simple phone with camera and capture the talent and showcase to the world. And of course, don’t forget to upload the picture or video on social media and in no time let your video starts circulating.

Similarly, there is a guy who is an American is taking internet by storm these days with his fluent Telegu accent.

A video of Isaac Richards, a US national living in Utah, speaking fluent Telugu is taking the internet by storm. Isaac, who runs an ice cream store in Montana met some Indians from Andhra Pradesh at his store and those people recorded his video while he was speaking in Telegu and shared the same on Social Media.

In the video, it is clearly seen that Isaac is speaking Telegu with the customers fluently. On the other side, the customers were pretty shocked to hear him speak Telegu so well and wanted him to know from where did he learnt the language.

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Issac narrated his story and said that he lived in various cities in Andhra Pradesh like Vishakhapatnam, Vijayawada and Hyderabad for nearly 2 years.

The video was posted on Facebook by Ganesha Kesana on 9th July and within no time the Internet made it the sensation and the butt of talks.

Later, Isaac posted one more video in Telegu thanking Ganesha and the internet for giving him appreciations and warm love.

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