VIRAL VIDEO: Turning from this bridge could be nightmare; Traffic disappears in no time!

You must have noticed the magicians often rubbing their hands for showcasing the magic. Manier times people call it a trick to befool others. But what if we tell you there is no magician and nor he is rubbing his hands but still a magic is witnessed? Yes, true that a video is going viral these days n which the magician is not, but the deception of the eye has forced people to think.

The video shows cars on a bridge disappearing as they drive towards the river. The video was first tweeted by a user namely Daniel which shows traffic disappearing as it goes off the bridge. Daniel (@DannyDutch) uploaded this video on his Twitter account on June 29 at 7 a.m. Daniel also wrote while posting the video, ‘Yes, traffic disappears …’.

However, the video has been watched by more than 72 thousand times so far.

This video has been re-tweeted by many people so far. Various types of reactions are coming after watching this video.

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People are also saying that this bridge is a way for people to go to another world.

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