What is Low Earth Orbit? Where India has shown the power with Mission Shakti

India has destroyed a satellite in the low earth orbit of the Earth’s lower class from the indigenous anti-satellite missile .Do you know what is the meaning of Low Earth Orbit?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while giving a message to the country, said that India has destroyed a satellite with an anti-satellite missile in the lower orbit of the earth. This satellite has been developed in India only. The operation carried out by Indian scientists has been done in the lower Earth orbit of Low Earth Orbit.

India has demolished a live satellite 300 kilometers away from the surface of the earth. India has achieved this achievement in space and has become the fourth largest country to do so after the US, China and Russia.

lower orbit of the Earth is the nearest orbit of the Earth. It is located at a height of 160 kilometers (99 miles) and 2,000 kilometers (1,200 miles) from the surface of the Earth.

mission shakti

It is closest to the surface of the Earth. Following the Low Earth Orbit, there’s a Medium Earth Orbit, Geosynchronous Orbit and After that there’s High Earth Orbit. High Earth orbit is located 35,786 kilometers from the surface of the Earth.

According to Government, in the year 2022, the three Indian astronotes which will be sent from India, will also be in this Low Earth orbit. ISRO had said about this project that in just 16 minutes, three Indians will be transported from Sriharikota to space and they will spend 6 to 7 days in the ‘Low Earth Orbit’.

At the same time some satellites were sent to this class. Connection is much better because of lower land distance from the lower class. Efforts have also been made to increase the speed of the Internet through many satellite channels. However, staying in the lower class of any satellite is very difficult.

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