WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook back in business after massive outage

Great news for social media lovers! particularly for Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp fans! All of three are back up again after being down for around 9-10 hours globally.

It is interesting that, Facebook used twitter and said that it has finally managed to rectify the error and WhatsApp and Instagram along with Facebook are finally working. Earlier yesterday, Facebook-owned platforms has some bugs as they were experiencing issues while uploading images, videos and other files.

It was Around 8:00 pm yesterday, when millions of WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook users in India faced hurdles in posting pictures on the social media platforms like facebook, whatsapp and Instagram.

Users were facing server problems of posting and sharing the images on these social media platforms. The outage in Facebook servers could be seen in South America and East Asian countries. Just like Facebook, users were having problems loading and posting photos on Instagram and Whatsapp. Users were trying to load photos but they were getting messages ‘Photo Can not Be Post’ error.

This problem had been reported in South America as well as in the East Coast. According to the website down detector, this problem was also seen in other areas of the world.

Many users reported this kind of problem from Europe, South America and East Asia. Even before this, Major Outage was registered on these three platforms of Facebook. Users were unable to use these platforms for several hours.

Assuming media reports, this outage can be seen due to major fault in the Facebook server. Instagram and Whatsapp users also facing the same problems The main reason is that these three platforms share the same infrastructure.

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