Why A R Rahman did and Akshay kumar still thinking about Canadian Citizenship?

After talking about his citizenship, Akshay Kumar has been surrounded by trollers. On the question of not having Indian citizenship, Akshay replied that he has been given honorary citizenship by Canada for many years. But when his claims were investigated, this claim of Akshay turned into fake.

Akshay kumar have not honorary citizenship to Canada But Akshay has a passport to Canada. At the same time A. R. Rahman’s two-year old Facebook post comes in to sight. In this post, Rahman refuses a proposal from the Mayor of Canada about canadian citizenship.

In the year 2017. On 4th February, there was a concert in honor of Rahman in Canada. Hundreds of artists from around the world gave a tribute to the music maestro A. R. Rahman. also came to join the concert. This is where John Tory, then Canadian mayor, requested Rahman to settle in Canada.

By Honoring him, John Tory requested A R Rahman to settle down in Canada. On February 8, 2017, Rahman posted a heart toching Facebook post. In his post he shared photos of that concert and tagged John Tory with the refusal of his proposal very decently. You can see that post of Rahman- below.

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In his Facebook post, Rahman Wrote:

“Thank you for your kind invitation to set up a base in Canada, Mr Mayor. I’m indeed very touched and moved by your gesture.

I’m well settled and happy in Tamil Nadu, India with my family, friends and the people there. Do visit our KM Music Conservatory when you come to India the next time 😊🌹👍

I will also look into interesting artistic collaborations between Canada and India.

Akshay Kumar vs A R Rahman for Canadian Citizenship

People are willing to do anything to prove themselves patriot, not just doing what they should do. While superstar like Akshay Kumar is engaged in proving his patriotism on every other thing, Rahman has done this task without any limelight stunts. Rahman is very popular in Canada. In his honor, the name of a road has also been named in the city of Markham in Canada. ‘Allah Rakha Rahman Road’ (full name of A.R.Hahman).

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