World Earth Day 2019: why and when Earth Day celebrated first time?

With the aim of saving all the living organisms and trees on Earth and increasing awareness of the environment around the world, April 22 was celebrated as Earth Day.’

This tradition, introduced in 1970, has been adopted by 192 countries with open support, and today, on the occasion of Earth Day every year around the world, all of us make sure that every kind of creature has gets its right place on Earth.

How did Earth Day celebrated on 22nd April for the first time?

The whole world celebrates Earth Day on April 22, but in America it is celebrated as tree day. Earlier, Earth Day was celebrated for two days (March 21 and April 22) in the whole world in the year. But from 1970, it was decided to be celebrated on 22 April.

earth day

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The International Earth Day, celebrated on March 21, was supported by the United Nations, but its importance is more scientific and environmental. It is celebrated as the symbol of the spring of the Northern Hemisphere and the southern hemisphere.

US Senator Gordon Nelson has been there to celebrate earth day on April 22. He was concerned about the environment and used to try to create a path to raise awareness among the people about environment.

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